You meet a lot of interesting people while traveling the world as a documentary film maker. I found myself continually inspired by the great joy and hope I encountered in the stories of strangers who quickly become friends. It’s these stories that inspire me as an entrepreneur, filmmaker, husband and father. The question I pondered – How could we bottle this experience and turn it into something everyone could gain from?
Welcome to #iChoose.
A 501C3 non profit organization focused on building a community of individuals sharing the truth of their lives with the world. Individuals choosing to take the lead in their life story.
Recognizing the power of a single choice the foundation empowers individuals to understand no matter what our circumstances we face today, we are always only one choice away from changing our tomorrow.
The mission of The iChoose Foundation is to share inspirational stories of people all over the world who have triumphantly overcome challenging situations in their lives.  We achieve our mission through the production of high quality cinematic films, live interviews, educational speaking events utilizing all aspects of digital media.


You are the lead in your life story.  iChoose wants to share the inspirational choices you’ve made in your life.  If you or someone you know has a story to share we are actively seeking individuals who want to share their journey.  The foundation conducts live shows via social (Facebook & Instagram) that are then turned into memes, short pieces of digital content, and podcasts.

Send us a video or link with a life changing decision you made.  What is it you choose?